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We offer you current opportunities to participate in first-class scale-ups. You have the chance to grow these companies.

The overview on this page corresponds to a selection of our clients.

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- medical technology -
Patented procedure for early skin cancer detection

Capital requirement 4 million euros for SW/HW development and sales expansion


- circular economy -
Development of reusable, modular packaging including a deposit system to reduce disposable packaging waste

Capital requirements of EUR 1.5 million (seed round) to expand production, personnel, marketing/communication and operations


- medical technology -Development of disruptive treatment methods using therapeutic aerosols

Total capital requirement €10M

to expand market presence and establish a global leadership position


- infrastructure industry -
Ready for series production and market entry

Capital requirement 500K euros for the development and production of an intelligent, app-controlled charging and parking station for bicycles/e-bikes


- Digitalization -
Consumer analytics for retail

Capital requirement €1.5M

Product development Expansion of service, marketing and sales departments


- sensors -
Optical measurement technology for the analysis of relevant vitality states

Capital requirement 1 million euros for industrialization, roll-out and product approval


- Life Science/BioTech -
Construction of development infrastructure

Capital requirements of EUR 1.2 million to develop personalized complementary medicine for acute and chronic diseases


- circular economy -
Construction of a production plant

Capital requirement 4 million euros for process development for the recycling of zinc industrial waste, the focus is on silver recovery


- eSports -
Revolutionizing the talent development of the eSports generation

Participation option of up to 4 million euros for market penetration, expansion and financing of the top teams and the establishment of a sales department


- Medical technology -
Develop automated surgery through training and planning software

Capital requirement EUR 3.5 million to finalize the prototype and to enter the market

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